Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing

An Aerospace Company

Custom Ceramic Fabrication

Silicon Nitride Tubes

Custom Test Bars

ACM will work with its customers to achieve the custom fabrication of their unqiue material and geometric needs. This may include custom formulation of ceramic materials and the development of customized manufacturing methods.

We frequently partner with both large and small business, universities, non-profits, and government agencies on specialzed research programs.

Please contact ACM to discuss your
application or project.

Gel Cast Radome

Barium Titanate Capacitors

Electro-Discharge Machined Ceramics

ZrB2-SiC Coupons

Barium Titanate Bricks

Ceramic Cutting Blades

Ceramic Drills/End Mills

Our Customers

Serving Many Industries

  • Aerospace Defense
  • Aerospace Commercial
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Racing
  • Research
  • Universities

A few of our Customers: