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Aquacore Premium

Specially formulated for precision machinability, Aquacore™ Premium
is ideal for manufacturing mandrels from blank billets. 

Aquacore™ Premium retains all of the benefits of Aquacore™, with added strength and decreased porosity to ensure tight tolerances and smooth lines during machining. 

No special machining equipment is required. Aquacore™ Premium saves time and labor, and the wash-away feature minimizes the possibility of damaging fine details.

Aquacore™ Premium Specifications

Compressive Strength: 974 ± 88 psi at 70° F/21° C
Density Dry: 33.2 lbs. / cu. ft. at 250 psi compaction
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 3.1 x 10-6 mm / mm° C

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