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          Aquaseal™, specially formulated to seal ACM's water-soluble mandrel materials Aquapour™, Aquacore™. and Aquacore™ Premium, provides a smooth, nonporous finish on the surface of a mold or tool and inhibits the migration of resins into the porous tool during the fay up or RTM process.

          Aquaseal™ is compatible with the core temperatures of commercial resins and pre-preg compounds up to 380°F, and washes away with tap water. Aquaseal™ may be applied with a pneumatic or airless sprayer for the initial coat and brushed on for the additional coats. After achieving the desired finish, Aquaseal™ can be dried in a standard oven at approximately 200°F for 1 hour. When dried, Aquaseal™ is thermally stable up to 380DF. To remove, simply wash away mandrel material and sealer with plain tap water.  Aquaseal™ is environmentally friendly; no special disposal procedures are required.

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