Aquacore Premium from Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing

Aquacore Premium

Specially formulated for precision machinability, AquaCore™ Premium is ideal for manufacturing mandrels from blank billets. AquaCore™ Premium retains all of the benefits of AquaCore™, with added strength and decreased porosity to ensure tight tolerances and smooth lines during machining. No special machining equipment is required!

Aquacore has the consistency of moist sand. It is shipped with its full water content, and is used to form simple shapes via pressure packing into molds or through CNC machining simple blocks. AquaCore™ Premium does not gain strength until it has reached a moderate level of drying. AquaCore™ mandrels are porous and need to be sealed before composite processing to prevent resin infiltration.

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Safety Data Sheet

Specifications and Features

  • Washes away in cold tap water
  • Environmentally friendly; no special disposal procedures required.
  • Nontoxic and odorless
  • Remove mandrel from inaccessible hidden areas
  • Low porosity
  • High compression strength
  • Compatible with all commercial resins and pre-preg compounds
  • Easily repaired – Saves time, labor, and money

Compressive Strength: ~970 psi at 70° F/21° C
Density Dry: 33.2 lbs. / cu. ft. at 250 psi compaction (0.57 g/cm3)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 5.58 x 10-6 mm / mm° C

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