Our Expertise

Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing Expertise

Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing has served over 800 companies and organizations worldwide. Specializing in washout mandrels, ceramic components, composites, prototyping, research and support for private corporations, aerospace, military applications and many other specialty fields. Our mandrel composite materials have even been used in high end military applications such as the Sikorsky CH-53K Helicopter.

ACM’s key personnel have been working together for the last 11 years and oversaw the development and commercialization of our current water soluble mandrel product lines (AquaPour, AquaCore, FastCore, RapidCore, and ClaveCore). Our technical, sales, and management staff combine distinct backgrounds in manned and unmanned aircraft, composite materials & tooling, ceramics, polymer processing, and chemistry. This includes Ph.D. and Masters level engineers and scientists. We offer to work directly with customers to provide customized solutions.

Awards and Recognition