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AquaPour is a fluid slurry that is castable; hence, it is capable of forming complex shapes. It comes as a dry powder and water is added to activate it. It is most commonly utilized in applications where a mold is filled with the material in the liquid state, and upon setting in the green state (~10-20 min), it can be removed from the tool and placed into an oven to be fully set via thermal dehydration. AquaPour behavior and performance can be adjusted with combinations of water content and ACM’s accelerator and retarder solutions. AquaPour mandrels are porous and need to be sealed before composite processing to prevent resin infiltration.

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Aquapour Instructions

Specifications and Features

Unlike conventional mandrel materials, which must be tediously removed from composite layups, Aquapour mandrels are readily soluble in cold tap water and can easily be washed away from the finished part.

Aquapour saves time and labor, and the wash-away feature minimizes the possibility of damaging fine details.

  • Washes away in cold tap water
  • Environmentally friendly; no special disposal procedures required.
  • Nontoxic and odorless
  • Remove mandrel from inaccessible hidden areas
  • Easily dried in a convection oven
  • Strong and lightweight Makes complex part manufacturing possible
  • Compatible with all commercial resins and pre-preg compounds
  • Easily repaired – Saves time, labor, and money

Aquapour™ Specifications

Compressive Strength: ~220 psi at 70° F/21° C
Density Dry: 33.7 lbs. / cu. ft. at 250 psi compaction (0.57 g/cm3)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 6.48 x 106 mm / mm° C

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