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Aquaseal™, specially formulated to seal ACM’s water-soluble mandrel materials Aquapour™, Aquacore™, and Aquacore™ Premium, provides a smooth, nonporous finish on the surface of a mold or tool and inhibits the migration of resins into the porous tool during the lay up or RTM process.

Aquaseal™ is compatible with the core temperatures of commercial resins and pre-preg compounds up to 380°F, and washes away with tap water. Aquaseal™ may be applied with a pneumatic or airless sprayer for the initial coat and sprayed or brushed on for the additional coats. Sometime 5-10 coats may be necessary. After achieving the desired finish, Aquaseal™ can be dried in a standard oven at approximately 200°F for 1 hour. When dried, Aquaseal™ is thermally stable up to 380°F. To remove, simply wash away mandrel material and sealer with plain tap water. Aquaseal™ is environmentally friendly: no special disposal procedures are required.

Aquaseal™ is recommended when barriers such as PTFE release tape can not be used or extracted.

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Specifications and Features

Shake sealer well before applying it to the mandrel, as settling is common.

Tips for Applying Aquaseal™

  • Aquaseal™ can be sprayed or brushed onto the mandrel.
  • Aquaseal™ can be sprayed on with an airless sprayer.
  • Aquaseal™ can be applied with any brush suitable for latex or water-based paint.
  • It will take several coats to obtain the desired finish on the mandrel material.
  • Recommendation: Spray the first coat onto the mandrel and allow to dry. Once the first coat is dry, you can continue to spray or brush the additional coats.
  • Drying times for Aquaseal™ vary according to humidity and room temperature. It will be necessary to apply 3-4 coats. We have added an environmentally safe dye to aid in detecting how well the sealer is applied.
  • Allow approximately 30 minutes drying time in an oven at 100ºF between coats for sealer to dry properly.
  • To remove, simply wash out mandrel material and sealer with tap water. Room temperature water will remove sealer, but heated water will significantly increase the wash out process.
  • Aquaseal™ takes slightly longer to dissolve than the mandrel, but still requires only water. Soaking in water for 15 minutes will loosen sealer. No special procedure is needed for the disposal of the product; Aquaseal™ is completely environmentally friendly.

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