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Aquafill™ has been formulated to patch the water-soluble mandrel materials Aquapour™, Aquacore™, and Aquacore™ Premium. Aquafill™ is premixed and ready to use. Once the mandrel has been formed and dried in a convection oven, it can be applied easily with a rubber squeegee such as those used in auto body applications.

Aquafill™ takes slightly longer to washout, but just like the mandrel materials, it is environmentally friendly and requires no special procedures for disposal. Please note that the shelf life of the Aquafill™ product line is 30 days from DOM. To extend this shelf life, the product must be stored properly and sealed tight, like any patching material, or it will dry up.

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Tips for Applying Aquafill™

  • The best method of applying the material is using a rubber squeegee commonly used in auto body applications.
  • Simply spread Aquafill™ on the mandrel in a very thin coat making sure to fill in all imperfections on the surface.
  • If applied too thick, the surface may be bumpy, or it may result in decreased mandrel solubility. Aquafill™ can be sanded to a smooth finish once it has dried.
  • Allow at least 30 minutes between coats. Aquafill™ does not need to be dried in an oven, simply allow to air dry.
  • The washout time for Aquafill™ is slightly longer than that of Aquacore™, and Aquapour™.
  • The edges of the mandrel may need additional soaking time of about 15 minutes before coming out of the finished part.
  • The material can be washed away under a faucet or with a standard low-pressure garden hose. No special procedure is needed for the disposal of the product; Aquafill™ is completely environmentally friendly.

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