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ClaveCore combines many of the individual advantages of existing materials (solubility, layup rigidity, and pressurization) into a single material. It is a rigid tooling system that develops expanding pressure once it is thermally activated. Precision mandrels can be formed, laid up with conventional pre-preg materials, placed into a female cavity tool, and heated inside a conventional oven. Its pressurization behavior can be engineered via composition to control the pressure onset temperature and magnitude of pressure.

Mandrels are formed by filling a mold cavity with powder and heating the mold to 80-100°C. At this temperature, the powder reaches an activation point and the powder mixture is converted into a solid mandrel. The mold is allowed to cool to room temperature and the mandrel demolded.

When the mandrel material is used, it is wrapped with prepreg and placed inside a female mold. Upon thermal activation, the mandrel expands. It pushes and consolidates the individual plies against the containment tool surface.

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ClaveCore Data Sheet

ClaveCore Film HT Datasheet

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Specifications and Features

ClaveCore Features

ClaveCore™ is a tooling system that helps shape and cure high quality, complex hollow shapes. It is targeted at the carbon fiber composites industry (aerospace, automotive, sporting goods etc).

  • Can handle more complex geometries
  • Conventional lay-ups
  • High quality OML&IML surface
  • 40% savings compared to autoclave processes

ClaveCore Film HT key properties:

  • Expands and self-pressurizes when heated
  • Temperature-Pressure-Volume Expansion Models Exist
  • Pressures up to 700psi are possible depending on grade / process requirements
  • Produces precision OML dimensions
  • Produces high surface quality
  • Bendable/Conformable when applied to tooled surface
  • Bendable/Collapsible to aid removal allowing zero/negative draft
  • Allows for complex, seamless (unbonded) structures
  • Designed for >250°C (480°F) applications (thermoset or thermoplastic)

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