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AquaPour is a fluid slurry that is castable; hence, it is capable of forming complex shapes. It comes as a dry powder and water is added to activate it. It is most commonly utilized in applications where a mold is filled with the material in the liquid state, and upon setting in the green state.

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ClaveCore is a patented self-pressurizing tooling material. It is rigid at room temperature, but becomes an expanding semi-liquid at high temperature. It is designed for out of autoclave applications that are OML driven. Its pressurization behavior can be engineered via composition to control the pressure onset temperature and magnitude of pressure.

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AquaCore™ has a consistency like moist sand. It is shipped with its full water content. AquaCore™ is used to form simple shapes via pressure packing into molds or through CNC machining simple blocks.

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Aquacore Premium

AquaCore™ Premium contains all of the advantages and properties of AquaCore™ but features a higher compressive strength.

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Aquafill™ has been formulated to patch the water-soluble mandrel materials Aquapour™, Aquacore™, and Aquacore™ Premium. Aquafill™ is premixed and ready to use. Once the mandrel has been formed and dried in a convection oven, it can be applied easily with a rubber squeegee such as those used in auto body applications.

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Aqua Tool Bond

Aqua-Tool-Bond™ is an adhesive for use with our water-soluble mandrel materials. Compatible with Fastcore, Aquapour, Aquafill, Aquacore, and Aquacore Premium, Aqua-Tool-Bond™ is ideal for bonding complex and large mandrels or for repairing damaged sections.

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Aquaseal™, specially formulated to seal ACM's water-soluble mandrel materials Aquapour™, Aquacore™, and Aquacore™ Premium, provides a smooth, nonporous finish on the surface of a mold or tool and inhibits the migration of resins into the porous tool during the lay up or RTM process.

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FastCore technology is used by ACM to make net shape mandrels for customers. These mandrels are delivered pre-formed and sealed with PTFE tape. They arrive at your facility as a ready to use shop supply. FastCore technology is suitable for rapid prototyping and production quantities.

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ACM’s product line includes several different types of washout tooling materials. This includes DIY materials and net shape mandrels. All of these tooling materials washout with plain tap water. We have tooling materials that can meet the needs of aerospace composites processed via: wet lay-up, vacuum bag only, autoclave, bladder molding, filament winding, VARTM, and RTM. ACM has been ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100 certified to produce soluble mandrels for the aerospace industry since 2009

Precision Manufacturing:

  • Hollow Composites
  • Trapped Configurations
  • Seamlesss Structures
  • Faster Processing
  • Lower Costs
  • Greener Manufacturing
  • Technical Ceramics
  • Custom/Standard Shapes
  • Borides, Carbides, Nitrides, Oxides